The Bell Witch
On of the most famous hauntings in Tennessee was located in Adams,
Tennessee. This was the site of the Bell Witch. The case took place in
the year 1817 and involved John Bell and his family. So awe inspiring
this story was and still is that  it has been made into a movie. People still
travel hundreds of miles to visit this historical haunted site. It is a
paranormal investigators dream to  have an encounter with the Bell
Witch. Many websites have been dedicated to the Bell Witch
phenomena. Ours is just
one of the many.

The Bell Witch was a very active Spirit. She would move objects, throw
things, sing, speak, and scream. She would also hit, pinch and pull the hair
of the Bell children as well as a few other unsuspecting guest to the home.
The Bell Witch is the only spirit reconized in the state of Tennessee for
causing the death of a person. The victim of her torment and murder were
none other than John Bell.

Some people believe that the Bell Witch was a neighbor of John Bell. Her
name was Kate Batts. Kate had accused John Bell of cheating her on a
business deal that had involved land property. On her deathbed Kate Batts
cursed the man John Bell and swore she would haunt him and his
descendents. Located on the property as well are Ancient Indian graves.
They rest on top of the Bell Witch Cave and there is one inside the cave.
Due to vandals though the body of an ancient Indian child that was in this
rock squared shaped grave was stolen. What a pity.

News reached far and wide about the Bell Witch even way back then. It
was to reach the ears of one of our future Presidents, Andrew Jackson.
At this time Jackson was known as General Jackson. He was so intrigued
by the haunting he decided to do his own investigation into the Bell Witch.
He had bragged that he would expose the Bell Witch as a hoax or would
confront the spirit and send it away. So General Jackson and a few friends
along with his men when on their merry way to see the John Bell family
and the Bell Witch.  Upon reaching the Bell farm the wagon that was
pulling their surpplies suddenly stopped dead in it's tracks. No amount of
cracking the whip could get the horses to move the wagon. Not to be out
done the men then put their backs into the wagon trying to get it to move.
It was no use. Still it would not move an inch even though it was on a
smooth part of the road. So they took off the wheels and examined them
to make sure they weren't broken. The wheels were found to be in fine
working order. But never less it was stuck right where it was. General
Jackson Then said to his men, " By the Eternal, boys, it is the Witch"
Suddenly there was a loud sharp metallic sounding voice from the bushes
saying "All right General, let the wagon move on, I will see you again
tonight " The men shocked at this display of power searched every where
for the strange voice. Only to come up with nothing. The horses began to
move on their own, pulling the wagon as if it had never been stopped.
Jackson did encounter the Bell Witch again that night. As Betsy Bell was
pinched and slapped into screaming that night by the spirit, General
Jackson's covers were stripped away as soon as he could get them back
on himself. He and his men were hit, slapped  and even their hair pulled
all night and even untill the morning hours . This had gone on all night
long. Jackson and his friends and men left that morning as well. With
General Jackson saying he'd rather fight the whole British Army than to
fight with the Bell Witch.

Betsy Bell was also a target for the Bell Witch, She was one of the more
tortured of the Bell family besides John Bell. As for the other family
members she was just indiffrent toward them. In the case of Mrs. Bell
she was friendly. People who came to the Bell farm would hear her high
pitched voice when she was unhappy. At other times the spirit sang
songs, hymens and spoke in musical tones. The Bell Witch has even been
blamed for the break up of the engagment of Betsy Bell and her husband
to be Joshua Gardner. Betsy Bell later married her teacher Richard

Weakened by the Bell Witch after several years. John Bell became sick
with what was believed to be a stroke. On Dec. 19 John  failed to wake
up. The family said it was an unnatural sleep. John Bells son John Jr.
went to get his fathers medicine. Only to find it missing. In it's place was
a  odd Vial of medicine. The Doctor was called to come to John Bells
When the Doctor  got to the home, the Bell Witch began saying that she
had replaced the medicine in the cabinet and had given poor John Bell a
dose of it as he lay sleeping. The vial of medicine was tested on a cat and
found to be extremly poisonous. The cat died in a matter of minutes.
John Bell Died on Dec 20. The Bell witch was quiet untill after the
funeral. Once the gave was covered the Bell Witch began to sing really
loud and with joy. This went on untill all the members of the funeral had
left the site. The Bell Witch left the Bell family home in 1821 telling them
she would return in seven years. Seven years later she did return to John
Bell Jr. She told him of predictions of future events that would come to
She told him of the Civil War, and of World War I and World War II.
The entity said it would return 107 years later. Which would have been in
the year 1935. None of the family ever came forward to claim that she

Some people say that the Bell farm and the Bell Witch cave is still
haunted by the spirit known as the Bell Witch. Many local and paranormal
groups claim they have seen strange apparitions in the cave and on the
property. There is a book of paranoraml pictures at the booth of the Bell
Witch Cave Tour. Every Halloween a special tour is hosted by the
owners of the cave and land. . There is also a movie coming out it can be
found at  

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