We are the first Paranormal Group in TN, and we are the
longest running group as well.
And that is something we all are very proud of.

We here at
Middle Tennessee Paranormal Research
(MTPRS) have been sharing our investigations with the
public since 1999, at that time we decided to put our paranormal
encounters onto the world wide web.  We look to share our
knowledge with others who may be encountering the world of the

All of our services are 100 percent free, we never charge anyone,
not even members.
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us!
We only allow information to be shared if a contract is signed by
the parties involved.
We have had cases where we show all our finding but the owners do
not want their exact location or names disclosed.  And we have had
investigations where all the information is given.
You have the right to withhold any and all information, or you can
chose which information to share.  
We will accommodate your needs!

July the 5th, 2008
I am currently working on the site, I will be adding A lot of new
pictures, videos, evps, and more... Also I am going to open up part of
the site to many other issues, such as the Government, 9/11,
Chemtrails & many other things I and the group have been
researching over the last several years!!!
Please email us and let us know how you all are!
Love, Peace and Happiness,
The Haunted Souls Gang

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I am a Spirit from everywhere, Heaven, Hell the Earth; am in the
air, in houses, any place at
any time, have been created millions of years; that is all I will tell
The Bell Witch"

"No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an
uncharted land, or
opened a new heaven to the human spirit."
Helen Keller"

"In the spiritual search doubt is beneficial, a closed mind is not.
Doubt used wisely assists
enlightenment; a closed mind assists ignorance."
Ian Gardner"  

"Every time you don't follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of
energy, loss of power, a
sense of spiritual deadness."
Shakti Gawain"

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July The 4th 2008
Go and check out the New  EVP's  Click here to go to the
EVPs now!
I finally got to upload some new pictures too.
Little Girl in the Graveyard, it this Tabitha?  
Click this to go see her now!  Amazing!
And keep checking back I have alot of other new
and old things I haven't gotten to upload yet.
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